Legend of Zelda gigaleak reveals Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask cut content

Last weekend’s so-called gigaleak of Nintendo data continues to turn up treasure – and now fans have been poring over cut content from N64 Legend of Zelda games Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

As rounded up by Switcher, the leaked source code for Ocarina of Time apparently includes a set of unused dungeon rooms which appear to be from a kind of boss rush mode.

The code also includes bits of map which ended up in Majora’s Mask, labelled as “64DD”. This likely refers to Ocarina’s planned expansion for Nintendo’s disc-based 64DD expansion unit, which only released in Japan and was scrapped after a year.

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Fast & Furious Crossroads review – a car crash

First off, cards on the table. I’m firmly, enthusiastically and, as friends who have suffered through my various rants will tell you, vocally of the opinion that the Fast & Furious series is the best thing to come out of modern-day Hollywood. It’s inventive, inclusive, hilariously over-the-top with the warmest of hearts – and when Paul Walker scrambles along the top of a bus teetering over a cliff-edge I put it up there with anything by Kubrick when it comes to cinema as a spectacle (also at the end of Fast & Furious 7 I was one of around half-a-dozen people who sulked off to the toilet for a quiet cry, because of course one of cinema’s most emotional moments stars a Supra Mk4).

So yeah, I’m a Fast & Furious fan, and with the release of F9 now postponed until next year the prospect of getting an injection of nitrous, adrenaline and out-and-out entertainment the series provides was more than welcome. And Fast & Furious Crossroads is by some margin the most promising crossover yet – its development has been an open secret for years, with automotive experts Slightly Mad Studios teaming up with Vin Diesel’s own Tigon Studios, and with Diesel himself onboard as Dominic Toretto, bringing Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson along for the ride as they reprise their roles in support of a new cast of characters. It should be brilliant.

But something here has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

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Xbox Series S name pops up on Microsoft’s next-gen controller packaging

Microsoft’s under-wraps Xbox Series S has been officially named for the first time – on the box for the company’s new controller.

A white version of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X pad was obtained by Twitter user Zak_exe, and was subsequently verified by The Verge.

This controller – a “Robot White” version of the black Xbox Series X pad previously shown – has yet to be announced. But it is the controller’s box which is of most interest. Its packaging states the device is “for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, iOS”.

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Three months later, Ubisoft releases new version of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla reveal trailer

Tucked away at the end of last week, Ubisoft released a chunk of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla soundtrack to stream or download. And with it, quietly, a new version of the game’s initial reveal trailer.

This new edition of the trailer replaces the male version of Eivor, which Ubisoft chose to reveal first, with the female Eivor we’ve only got a better look at more recently.

It’s great to see her finally get showcased like this but… why has it taken so long, and why was it released like this? Friday’s announcement was ostensibly about The Ravens Saga EP, a collection of seven tracks from the game’s soundtrack. This trailer is named the “Official Soundtrack Cinematic Trailer”, but it has no relation to the game’s music.

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Vampyr, Wargroove, Call of Cthulhu and more are just £10/$12 in the latest Humble Choice bundle

A new month means a new Humble Choice offering – and this has to be one of the more tempting ones we’ve seen for some time.

Members of Humble’s gaming subscription service can get 12 games to keep forever this month, including Vampyr, Wargroove, Call of Cthulhu, Hello Neighbour and more for just £10/$12.

Dontnod’s Vampyr is quite a good draw here as it hasn’t been discounted this low until now. You will find it for under £10 on its own on the PSN Store right now, though.

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Why the Command & Conquer Remastered developers left in a 25-year-old exploit

One of the brilliant things about Command & Conquered Remastered is how it remains faithful to the original real-time strategy classic while updating it in all the right areas.

But one area the developers left alone was a 25-year-old exploit. You’d think they’d want to fix it – but not this one, because it gave players a fighting chance against the rock hard AI.

I’m talking about Command & Conquer’s infamous sandbag exploit – aka the best strategy against the AI on the hardest missions.

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Fall Guys sold 2m Steam copies in a week

Brightly-coloured battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has shifted 2m copies on Steam since its launch on 4th August.

The game is also currently available on PlayStation 4, where it is part of this month’s PlayStation Plus offering. There’s no word yet on how many more people are playing there.

But clearly Fall Guys is off to a brilliant start – and far better than expected, as its servers’ early teething issues showed. So many people turned up on day one it had to be taken offline for maintenance. There were further issues at the weekend, as yet more players flooded in. Developer Mediatonic has said it is working on a longer-term fix.

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Revealing the white Amonkhet Remastered cards coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena this week

There’s a whole new set of cards coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena and I’ve been allowed a sneak peek at them by Wizards of the Coast. I haven’t seen all of the cards, only those from the white plain.

They’re from the Ancient Egypt-themed Amonkhet Remastered set coming exclusively to Arena this Thursday, 13th August. It’s exclusive because the Amonkhet set already came out in the real-world three years ago, before Arena – which completely changed my mind about Magic – existed. But the Remastered release includes some cards from the Hour of Devastation set too, plus two extra special cards from long, long ago.

One of those is Wrath of God, a four-cost sorcery which destroys all creatures in play, yours and theirs. (Indestructible creatures are apparently the only ones safe.) The other is Rest in Peace, a two-cost card which exiles all cards from all graveyards.

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EA has finally removed fitness items from Ultimate Team for FIFA 21

EA has finally removed fitness items from Ultimate Team for FIFA 21 – a change the community has called for ever since Ultimate Team began life back in 2008 with FIFA 09.

In FUT, your players suffer stamina fatigue as they play games, and fitness cards are needed to boost their fitness back to acceptable levels (to prevent them from being knackered halfway through a match). This system is pretty much unanimously hated by the FIFA community as it has to be dealt with so frequently and is seen as a punishment for playing the game. Fitness cards and others like it also contribute to “pack bloat” – the idea packs are full of rubbish you don’t want instead of the cards you do.

For FIFA 21, EA has pulled fitness and training items completely.

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team introduces a Division Rivals weekly match cap

EA has implemented a cap on the number of games that will contribute to the Weekly Score accumulation in FIFA 21’s Division Rivals.

In FIFA 21, after completing your first 30 games of Rivals – Ultimate Team’s popular online competitive multiplayer mode – the matches will stop adding to your Weekly Score.

If you play Rivals more than 30 times per week you can continue to make progress against Objectives, earn higher Skill Ratings, and climb to new Divisions, but post-30 matches won’t make it harder for players with tighter play schedules to compete in the weekly leaderboard.

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