3 Great Online Animation Tools Used to Make Games

When you want to create an immersive experience for your players, seamless character animations are absolutely imperative. Games are judged on how they look and how smooth they run, so you do not want to score badly on any first impressions if you want your game to succeed.

We have listed three of the most popular character animation tools that can help you to deliver what your player base will be looking for. There are a lot more tools to choose from so do not take this literal without at least checking them out as well but these are definitely a great place to start. These pieces of software just might be able to allow you to make something as good as the finding dory full movie!

Morpheme with Euphoria

One of the most popular and widely used animation engines out there right now is that of Morpheme with Euphoria. It essentially allows characters that have been animated to react accurately with any other obstacles that can be found within a games environment.

It is used solely for the creation of characters and the runtime tech uses character motion at runtime that allows them and other characters within a game to interact almost flawlessly.


Another great option is that of HumanIK which was developed by Autodesk. It is widely used for creating real time character animations for just about any type of game out there. It utilizes an inverse kinetics system and real time targeting technology as part of its software to allow created characters to interact and adapt with their environment and other characters realistically.

In its latest release it even allows the creation and computation of non-human characters that have additional limbs or tentacles etc.

Modo 801

One of the very best animation, 3D modeling and sculpting and rendering toolsets is that of Modo 801. This widely used software has had some recent additions such as the inclusion of time markers and onion skinning which help to improve the workflow of animations.  

Many animators are switching to this software to either use along or alongside other existing high quality pieces of animation software.

The three pieces of software above are among the best we have ever tried but there are many more fantastic tools out there as well. It will come down to your own opinions and the specific purposes that you want to achieve with your software but in general will not go wrong with what these excellent tools can provide.