3 out of 10 is a free “playable sitcom” about life at the world’s worst game development studio

Terrible Posture Games, the developer behind Mothergunship and Tower of Guns, has revealed 3 out of 10, a free episodic “playable sitcom” which is out today on the Epic Games Store.

3 out of 10 is described as “part animated show, part game” and follows the tribulations of the luckless employees of Shovelworks, the “world’s worst game development studio” – a team that, as you might have guessed, is yet to see one of its games score above 3 out of 10.

Each fully voiced and animated episode combines story sequences and genre-spanning mini-games into a single, overarching narrative, and episode one sets the scene as Shovelworks’ new animator Midge Potters attempts to adjust to life with her new colleagues as they toil away on Surfing with Sharks, an endless runner whose unique gimmick is that it has an end. “Conspiracy, absurdity, and game development gone catastrophically awry” ensues.

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