All-Star Batman #7 Review

Poison Ivy probably fared better than most Bat-villains during the New 52, between her prominent role in Birds of Prey, her guest appearances in Harley Quinn and her own recent mini-series. She isn’t in need of the same makeover Mr. Freeze enjoyed in the previous chapter of All-Star Batman. That said, there’s no downside to seeing Ivy take the spotlight in the newest issue, especially when the book looks this good.

Though ostensibly a standalone issue, All-Star Batman #7 also works as a follow-up to Batman’s recent clash with Freeze. A deadly virus has been loosed upon the world, and only Ivy’s unique brand of botany can prevent it from becoming a devastating pandemic. The fact that Batman is racing against the clock while a mysterious enemy pursues both he and Ivy only lends further tension to the conflict.

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