Animal Crossing gets fireworks, dreams, island backups in next update

It’s almost time for our next dose of much-needed Animal Crossing goodness, as the second wave of the free summer update is arriving this week, and it sounds positively dreamy.

Landing on 30th July, the Summer Update Vol.2 introduces fireworks, “dreaming” and the long-awaited island backup service. Players will be able to view firework shows every Sunday throughout August at 7pm, and use bells to purchase raffle tickets in the plaza and bag some festive items. You can even personalise some of the fireworks with custom designs.

Dreaming, meanwhile, refers to the previously-datamined “dream suite” feature similar to the one introduced in New Leaf. This allows players to visit other people’s islands in a dream, a state in which nothing is permanent, as anything the visiting player does is not saved. They are, however, free to explore to their heart’s content. You can access this function through taking a nap on a bed in your house, before using a “dream address” to visit other islands – or let players visit your own.

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