Apple TV 4K review

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Apple has finally joined the 4K club. Two years after most of its competitors in the streaming media box market delivered 4K-capable hardware, Apple has caught up with the new Apple TV 4K (See it on It’s similar to the 4th-generation Apple TV with it’s touchpad-equipped Siri remote, but with a far more powerful processor.

If you’re deep into the Apple ecosystem-lots of music, movies, and TV shows purchased on iTunes, an iPhone, maybe even a pair of AirPods-then this is the streaming media box for you. If not, you’ll still find plenty to like, but a handful of notable frustrations and limitations make other 4K streaming boxes a better choice. With a starting price of $179, this is also one of the most expensive streaming media boxes you can buy, and that price premium isn’t worth it unless you’re all-in with Apple.

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