Arrow: “Reversal” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It seems like all the Arrowverse shows are going through growing pains to some degree or another this year. In many ways, Arrow is currently struggling the most. The series has made some poor choices in following up on the Season 5 cliffhanger. And unlike Supergirl, The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, there’s little sense of what the driving conflict is meant to be this season. That sense of uncertainty is continuing to hinder the show, even as a major Season 6 player made his debut this week.

Thanks to Reversal, we finally know what character Michael Emerson is playing this season. Emerson is Cayden James, the mysterious super-hacker whom Felicity helped free from ARGUS custody late in Season 5. As with the Damien Darhk teases in Season 3, it’s clear the writers were planning ahead on this one. Which is always nice, but the show has a long way to go before James becomes a villain worthy of the Adrian Chases and Slade Wilsons of the Arrowverse.

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