Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3 Premiere Review

This is an advance review of Ash vs Evil Dead’s Season 3 premiere, which aired at New York Comic Con 2017. Ash vs Evil Dead returns with Season 3 on February 25th on Starz.This review contains mild spoilers about the new episode.

Ash vs. Evil Dead had its surprise Season 3 premiere at New York Comic Con to the delight of a crowd of squealing fans. Despite a few minor quibbles, the first episode of the new season (which doesn’t hit Starz until February) was just as strong, if not stronger, than the past two season premieres.

When we last left Ash and the Ghostbeaters, they were being celebrated in Elk Grove after successfully vanquishing the deadite threat. Season 3 picks up a short while later and finds Ash using his chainsaw not to carve up the dead but to slash prices at the hardware store he inherited from his dad. The opening local TV commercial, with its plentiful jokes about nuts and long screws, is perfectly ridiculous and very amusing.

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