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AOC G2460PQU 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

AOC offers no less than 6 versions of the G2460 24″ monitor, and its “PQU” variant falls roughly into the middle of its lineup since it has a higher refresh rate than a standard monitor, but doesn’t include adaptive refresh rate technology. The G2460PQU (See it on Amazon) is considered the “extreme professional” version since it does sport the 144Hz refresh rate, and at $279 it’s in the upper tier of pricing for 144Hz, 24″ monitors. Before we jump into the specifics and our hands-on impressions and testing, check out the manufacturer-supplied specs:


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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Review

The end of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series brought me closure. Yugi fought and won what seemed like an impossible battle against the Pharaoh Atem. With Atem’s job complete in the world of the living complete he passed on to the spirit world. I cried. They cried. Seto Kaiba did not. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions’ strength lies in focusing on Kaiba’s unresolved obsession with the Pharaoh and awesome duels, but falters in trying to establish a new threat from a dull villain.

If you haven’t watched more than the first Yu-Gi-Oh! series – or even the first two seasons – you’ll understand what’s going on in the movie just fine. The Dark Side of the Dimensions picks up with Yugi, Joey, Téa, Tristan, and Bakura preparing for their high school graduation. Meanwhile, Kaiba is looking for Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle in hopes of bringing the Pharaoh back for one last duel.

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review

Considering the reviews of all of the films that have preceded it, as well as the success of practically every other video game adaptation in cinema history, it’s honestly shocking to think that the Resident Evil franchise has made it to its sixth installment this year with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Luckily, this one has been marketed and packaged as truly the final addition to the Resident Evil films, and at this point, such an end could only be seen as some kind of mercy for a franchise that should have ended a long time ago.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens as Milla Jovovich’s Alice emerges from the sewers running underneath a barren and overrun Washington D.C., returning to the surface for the first time in years. Not much is known about why Alice comes back, other than that she is supposed to meet someone (or something) who has vital information to give her. This results in Alice journeying back to Raccoon City and the Hive in a last ditch effort to try and save humanity from being completely extinguished once and for all.

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Why Video Game Designers in the Corporate World Need Online Reputation

Video Game Designers Need Online Reputation



Just to refresh your memory, corporate reputation is the wholesome estimation in which an organization is perceived by its external and internal shareholders based on its past, present and probably future actions. As we speak, many video game designers are doing excellent in the industry despite their lack of academic qualifications. Nonetheless, the market is becoming competitive. Currently, good corporate reputation management can set your video game design business apart from the rest. This article will disclose to you why video game designers in the corporate world need a good online reputation.

It Portrays a Good Image to Prospective Employers.

A good online reputation for your video game design business tells prospective employers that you are a serious and dedicated programmer. It reveals to them that you have a good understanding of the game design process plus the determination and zeal to complete your projects.



It Provides a Strong Competitive Advantage.

Good corporate reputation management for your video game design business gives you a great competitive advantage over your competitors. Even in highly competitive markets, a good online reputation will differentiate your products and services from the rest.

It Wins Massive Customer Loyalty.

If your video game design business has a good online reputation, consumers may have a preference for your products/ services till death. According to research, consumers are more than willing to pay premium prices for brands that have a great online reputation. The trust of your clients gives you the power to even set your own prices.

It Makes Your Design Business Attractive.

The most valuable intangible asset for your video game design business is a positive online reputation. Video game design businesses with a good online reputation are not only attractive to customers but also to investors, exchange partners and suppliers. This attraction effect is vital in pricing, profitability, and preference.

It Gives You a Second Chance During Crisis.

A good online reputation will give you a second chance when you mess things up the first time. Your customers, investors and other stakeholders might give you the benefit of doubt based on your past good reputation. This might just save your business when it was destined to crumble.

Other benefits.

A good online reputation will ensure that your video game design business increases the effectiveness of sales and advertising; employee job satisfaction and access to highly qualified employees when recruiting.

Final Purport.

Gone are the days when the reputation of a business relied on the word of mouth of clients and other stakeholders. In this modern era of websites and social media networking, all businesses must be conscious about their online reputation to remain in business. Video games have become a multi-billion dollar global industry and a powerful cultural force. In fact, recent statistics reveal that 58 percent of Americans play video games. Good corporate reputation management for video game designers is one of the vital undertakings to ensure their online reputation remains attractive for long-term success.

3 Great Online Animation Tools Used to Make Games

When you want to create an immersive experience for your players, seamless character animations are absolutely imperative. Games are judged on how they look and how smooth they run, so you do not want to score badly on any first impressions if you want your game to succeed.

We have listed three of the most popular character animation tools that can help you to deliver what your player base will be looking for. There are a lot more tools to choose from so do not take this literal without at least checking them out as well but these are definitely a great place to start. These pieces of software just might be able to allow you to make something as good as the finding dory full movie!

Morpheme with Euphoria

One of the most popular and widely used animation engines out there right now is that of Morpheme with Euphoria. It essentially allows characters that have been animated to react accurately with any other obstacles that can be found within a games environment.

It is used solely for the creation of characters and the runtime tech uses character motion at runtime that allows them and other characters within a game to interact almost flawlessly.


Another great option is that of HumanIK which was developed by Autodesk. It is widely used for creating real time character animations for just about any type of game out there. It utilizes an inverse kinetics system and real time targeting technology as part of its software to allow created characters to interact and adapt with their environment and other characters realistically.

In its latest release it even allows the creation and computation of non-human characters that have additional limbs or tentacles etc.

Modo 801

One of the very best animation, 3D modeling and sculpting and rendering toolsets is that of Modo 801. This widely used software has had some recent additions such as the inclusion of time markers and onion skinning which help to improve the workflow of animations.  

Many animators are switching to this software to either use along or alongside other existing high quality pieces of animation software.

The three pieces of software above are among the best we have ever tried but there are many more fantastic tools out there as well. It will come down to your own opinions and the specific purposes that you want to achieve with your software but in general will not go wrong with what these excellent tools can provide.


How to Get the Best of League of Legends

The best part is coming up now, back in the days when League of Legends was released there were many programs giving the players great advantage over the opponent.

Riot Points were a bit tricky at first because they are the League of Legends currency which you can buy at shops for real money. About 8 months later our team managed to bypass Riot Games system and made League of Legends Hack – Riot Points Generator that allowed the members to change the hash values without being detected on server.

In fact, there are only advantages at availing the League of Legends boost. If users notice other gamer going up at a very fast pace, it means that these gamer are using the boost. So, players should not wait any longer. Instead, they should quickly find the most suitable site and place orders once they go through the necessary details. When users check out a reliable website, they will find out why it is a good thing to obtain the boost.

A reliable website is sure to have experienced players as boosters. Hence, users can expect the best boost. Apart from that, a reliable website will also make sure that users’ identity is secure and confidential. These are the few facts that users need to remember when they buy the boost.

A lot of players have been able to make faster progress with the help of League of Legends boosting. If users want to succeed in the game, this is the way out. Currently, there are many places where the boost is available. Since it came to be known that users have trouble getting through, experts have created the boost and coaching facilities. So, the boost and coaching are available in several websites. Users can find the right place and avail the chance today. To find the most amazing deals, users can find a number of sites and compare the prices. 

Players can select a website that promises to complete the boost as fast as possible. When the boost is complete, users will have the ability improve their place in the game. They can kill monsters, defeat other champions and move faster than teammates. At the same time, they can earn rewards and get more skills.

The boosting service will deliver best results that reflect gradual growth. Though, mastering the process and experience will consume a fair amount of time, therefore make sure that you make the best choice while looking for companies.

Customer service is also an important aspect that should be taken care of. You would definitely seek a company that focuses on improved communication. You could try this elo boost expert as they have a great support team live on their site. In case of any queries, the service provider would be ready to deliver quick response in league of legends boosting when you might want to hire league of legends boosting services is when you get stuck.

Whether you are worried about reaching Hell or you just cannot pass a certain point and you are afraid that you will not be able to finish the season successfully, an experienced booster will definitely help you pass this difficult stage in the game and allow you to have fun once again in the game you love so much. Most players are worried about having problems with their accounts if someone discovers they have been using League of legends boost services, but when they are working with professionals, no such thing will happen and they will always have a positive experience.

Everyone has seen new skins in the game and knows how nice it can be to have something like that. The problem is that skins are only rewarded to those who finish a season successfully and when you are stuck at a certain stage in the game; you will definitely not manage to receive one of those cool new skins.

Boosting your account will definitely help you finish the season successfully and receive the skin you wanted.
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Why I Love Combat Arms

Shoot em Up Game

I ��ve been obsessed with Combat Arms for the last month.  It’s an older first-person shooter, but I can’t stop playing and have even stopped playing other games such as Moana online in order to play it.  My friends who are not familiar with the game wanted to understand my addiction a little better, so I promised them this article explaining what Combat Arms is exactly and why it can easily become all consuming.

Combat Arms was developed by the South Korean company Doobic studios and published by Nexon in 2008.  It is considered one of the most interactive first-person shooter games.  Because it’s a multiplayer, free-play game it has attracted over 11 million players.

Combat Arms can be compared to the Call of Duty and Ghost Recon franchises.   This game has a ton of different game options such as Capture the Flag, Elimination, One Man Army, Fireteam (multiplayer cooperation), Spy Hunt, Seize and Destroy, Bombing Run, VIP Escort, Hired Guns and quite a few more.  Capture the Flag is my personal favorite.  This game can be challenging to say the least so a less experienced player should look for a good Combat Arms Cheat Website

A user playing Combat Arms is ranked in the game based on experience and military rank, which they can obtain as they play.  When you kill other players or complete an objective you will receive money in the form of Gear Points.  These Gear Points or better known as GP can be used to buy new gear (weapons, weapon enhancements, character accessories).  You can also use your real, hard earned cash and buy equipment through the Combat Arms Black Market.  With the Black Market you don’t have to have a certain rank requirement to purchase higher end weapons, and some item are exclusive to the Black Market.  When you buy an item with GP the item usually comes with a time limit that ranges anywhere from one to 90 days.  After the time expires the item will be deleted from the player’s inventory unless you have renewed the item.  However, some items purchased through the Black Market come with no time expiration.

Another incredible facet of this game is the community feature.  You can join a clan or a league.  The official league of Combat Arms is known as the World Online Gaming League.

Combat Arms continues to grow and get better through regularly based updates.  Players can continually look forward to new maps, character accessories and new weapons.  On the last count I checked, there were over 50 maps and 500 weapons.

I love how fast this games moves and the graphics are incredible.  However, when I first started playing I was getting killed every few seconds (no exaggeration), and I usually kill (pun-intended) at first-shooter games.  I usually don’t like to cut corners, but I wanted to get good real quick so I used a Combat Arms Cheat Website and that boosted my gameplay tenfold.  Hopefully, those that read this article are better players than me and won’t need to cheat, but if you want a leg up in this game without taking the time to master it and good cheat website is your ticket.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Be Epic

Resident Evil 2


One of my favorite games of all time is getting a reboot. The Resident Evil 2 remake was announced last year, but not many details have been released since then, which has created a strong itch in all the fans. However, the game’s producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said he intends to “recapture the spirit” of the original Resident Evil 2. If he is successful in his goal, this is one fan that is excited.


Hirabayashi, who also produced the remake of the first game, said making the first remake was “an incredible learning experience.” He says the Resident Evil 2 remake is “progressing.”   I’m not a fan of that word. When I hear progressing, I think it means they’ve run into problems whether it is technical, story issues, or problems with the designers.


Hirabayashi went on to say, “The Resident Evil  remake was my first project at Capcom. I was able to learn from more experienced colleagues and see with my own eyes how they translated their efforts into such a masterpiece that built on an already well-received game. It was an incredibly valuable experience for me.”


I thought the remake of GameCube Resident Evil was outstanding. It had some issues with lagging graphics and the confusing controls, but overall a technical masterpiece. If they do just as well on Resident Evil 2 remake as they did on the first, then it will be the game of the year for me.



Hirabayashi also went over the Resident Evil remake with an HD remaster, which included the programming, the game’s pacing (which I think might have played a part in the lagging graphics), and the audio-visual assets.   The HD remaster will be applied to the Resident Evil 2 reboot with additional improvements.


The one thing I’m nervous about is Hirabayashi did not say if the reboot will keep the original Resident Evil 2 fixed camera angles or use the now popular third-person view. I loved the fixed camera angles, and I really hope he meant when he said he wants to “recapture the spirit” of the original game, which I think would include the fixed camera angles.  In the video below (which is a walk through of the GameCube Game) you can see how the fixed camera angles affects the story.

As of right now the remake of Resident Evil 2 has no release date or what platforms it will be released on. Bookmark this site because once I receive news of the release date it will be posted.  You better believe I will have a review on the same day the game is released.

The New Mod for Aliens: Colonial Marines Has Improved the Game Drastically

Aliens: Colonial Marines


When Aliens: Colonial Marines first came onto the scene in 2013 many people did not like it (me included). It received so many bad reviews and critiques it was considered for a short time to be pulled from shelves. However, recently Templar GFX Modding has taken on the complex task to give the game a complete overhaul and give fans what they hoped would be the game when it was launched.


Templar GFX Modding who designed and executed the mod have made this game absolutely amazing which you can find at ModDB. The overhaul has touched every little detail of the game such as the animations, the engine, and the weapon mechanics. Templar even reprogrammed the Artificial Intelligence for the Xenomorphs and the humans. They even went in and drastically improved the effects and visuals of the game.



I got a chance to play this recently and besides the major overhaul what I find most dramatically changed is in the Xenomorphs. When I played the original creation, I found the Xenomorphs to be boring, easy to kill and not visually stimulating. However, in this mod I find them to be more deadly. The way they move and their behavior has them appearing more scary, and I caught myself several times jumping when one of the Xenomorphs popped up on the screen out of nowhere. Templar says the new Xenomorphs, “Dramatically shifts the tone of the entire campaign.”


Templar went on to say, “This is how Colonial Marines should have been when it came out.” I have to agree with this. When the game launched many fans were angry on how the game looked amazing in demos and trailers, but when they bought the game it was far less than what was advertised. Sega and Gearbox Interactive (the makers of the game) received numerous false advertising complaints and even were slapped with a lawsuit. Now when I bought the game, I was disappointed with it. I could see the game didn’t match the hype. I can even agree the game makers dealt in false advertising, but I wasn’t angry enough to put together a formal complaint or enough to file a lawsuit.


The possibility of Modding gives me goose bumps. You have to try out the original version of Colonial Marines and this new Mod version just to see how different the two games are. Just imagine if every game that sucked someone goes in and gives it an overhaul? Doesn’t it just sent shivers down your spine?

A New Forge Creation for Halo 5 Has Got Our Attention

Halo 5



When 343 Industries released the highly anticipated Mode-making/Forge Maps for Halo 5, the Xbox community started creating awesome new content. We found one called the “Mitake Machine” which is beyond amazing. It was created by TOKETAKE, an Xbox live user.


It was designed to be a massive battle with a boss. One player controls the Mitake Machine as a team of Spartans uses rocket launchers to try to bring the boss down. The Mitake Machine is based on Master Chief’s helmets and has two scary looking arms with balls that will kill anything in its path attached to them. The player that controls the Mitake Machine can make it go backwards or forwards or swing the deadly “balled” arms. You can see the Mitake Machine in action in the video below.


If the team of Spartans and the Mitake Machine can destroy the four outer power cores, the visor will raise, revealing the final power core. If the team can destroy the final power core, the machine operator will drop into the open battlefield where you can turn them into chopped liver.


The video shows some faults with the Mitake Machine such as bad frame rate and video lag, which can be a problem in destroyed the inner core.


However, even with these slight faults the creation has been brought to the attention of Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, who recently tweeted, “What people do in Forge is incredible.”


343 Industries are not only responsible for the Halo Forge Maps, but also Star Wars pod racing and an incredible avalanche mini game, and many other past and future projects that are exciting to look at.


Josh Holmes, the studio head for 343 Industries says he is always surprised and impressed with that the studio produces. He said, “It has been amazing to see the creativity of the Halo community unleashed with the new Forge toolset in Halo 5: Guardians. We have an ongoing email thread going here in the studio where people share new discoveries every week and it never fails to amaze us what people have managed to build.”


I haven’t got a chance to try out the Mitake Machine or any of the other amazing Forge creations I’ve seen and read about, so I can’t give a personal review at this time. Let’s just say my weekends will be completely booked as I explore this new game feature. If my girlfriend doesn’t break up with me based on that I spend too much time gaming, then you can expect a review of the Mitake Machine as well as other Forge creations.