Boruto Episode 18 Review

Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the episode.

Following Sarada’s familial troubles last episode, this week Boruto is giving us a closer look at the first family of Konoha: The Uzimakis. More or less a flashback episode, A Day in the Life of the Uzimaki Family reveals some fun facts about Naruto and his family, but reliving the past just hammers home the relative weakness of the show’s current position.

As the episode opens we learn that Himawari is sick, and the Uzimaki family has gathered to help her recover. This detail is hardly important overall, instead used as a jumping off point for various vignettes about the Uzimaki family. The first of these is a flashback to Naurto’s Hokage inauguration, which we quickly learn was a disaster thanks to his mischievous children. The whole episode is unapologetic filler, but the stories within are pretty fun for anyone interested in Naruto lore. We learn about the old woman who sews the Hokage robes, we get to see Kakashi pass on the Hokage title (to an imposter), and we learn what Naruto meant when he mentioned Himawari awakening to her Byakugan. Seeing Himawari angrily KO both Naruto and Boruto is particularly funny, and probably the best scene from the episode.

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