Boruto Episode 27 Review

After last week’s kidnapping it appeared that the conflict between the Leaf and the Mist was ready to come to a head, but this week’s episode decides to take things slow with a minor battle and a major story dump about Mist swordsman in training Kagura. These story revelations have big implications for the future of this field trip, but long-winded scenes result in a slow-moving episode that unfortunately leaves all the action for next week.

Having just learned of Denki’s kidnapping, we find our heroes staring at the ransom note scrawled in blood on their hotel window. Hoping to resolve the issue without adult assistance, the Leaf ninjas recruit Kagura to their cause and set off to rescue Denki. When they encounter the Mist ninjas at the docks, I was expecting an epic showdown, but the reality is a disappointing montage of the Leaf ninjas lazily dispatching the Mist punks. Even their leader Hachiya can’t do much, and spends more time goading Kagura about his past than he does fighting him, only to be sent packing in embarrassing fashion yet again.

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