Braid is getting an Anniversary Edition with redrawn art and a developer commentary

Classic time-manipulating indie adventure Braid is getting an anniversary edition, with re-drawn art, a developer commentary and more, and it’s heading to PC and consoles early next year.

Revealing the project on the official Braid website, designer Jonathan Blow explained, “Back when I was originally working on Braid, even when it was a simple project with ugly programmer art and looked nothing like a respectable game, I knew that one of the primary goals of the project was to treat video games as a medium with serious artistic potential.

“That potential involves longevity: many great works of painting, sculpture, and architecture have lasted for centuries and inspired generations of people. Video games weren’t like that back then (and still mostly aren’t today), and I knew I couldn’t predict what would be necessary to keep the game alive and available many decades into the future; but I knew it was part of the project, and that I would try my best.”

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