Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Review

Out of all the various platformer mascots that could have been picked for a modern revival, Bubsy couldn’t have been high on most people’s lists. After all, the 1993 original was mostly notorious for bizarre, meandering level design, and a multitude of cheap deaths. But somewhere, somehow, someone thought bringing back Bubsy in an all-new sidescrolling platformer was a good idea. Oh, how wrong they were.

The aggressively mediocre Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back follows everyone’s least favorite loud-mouthed bobcat on a bog-standard side-scrolling, platform-hopping quest to protect Earth’s yarn from alien invaders. He’s armed with his old slow-falling glide move from previous games, but also a few new tricks: he can scale certain walls with his claws and execute a pounce to destroy barriers and attack enemies. That’s fairly useful when it actually works, which is roughly half of the time. The other half it actually jumps over what you’re trying to hit, and sometimes into something that’ll kill you.

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