Captain America #695 Review

Whatever your thoughts on Captain America in the wake of Secret Empire, there’s one thing all fans should be able to agree on – having Mark Waid and Chris Samnee on board the core Captain America series is a very good thing. Waid and Samnee have established themselves as one of the greatest creative teams working in comics today. And if Captain America #695 is any indication, we’ve got the makings of another modern classic on our hands.

There are a number of comparisons to be drawn between this new arc, “Home of the Brave,” and the infamous “Superman: Grounded” storyline. In both cases, you have an iconic hero at a psychological low and dealing with a major blow to their reputation. Just as Superman did, Cap’s method of dealing with his problems is to hit the road and get back in touch with the ordinary, everyday Americans he’s charged himself with defending. It was a good pitch when writer J. Michael Straczynski attempted it back in 2010, but one that “Grounded” failed to properly utilize.

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