Daddy’s Home 2 Review

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back and they brought the devil with them in Daddy’s Home 2, a simplistic and mean-spirited sequel to a simplistic and mean-spirited original.

The Daddy’s Home movies take place in a cruel universe where the basic concept of men having feelings is considered inherently ridiculous, and bullying men into behaving like bullies is considered family-friendly entertainment. In the first film, Brad, played by Will Ferrell, was the sensitive stepfather to children whose birth father, Dusty, played by Mark Wahlberg, was more conventionally macho. You could set an analogue watch to the plot of the first Daddy’s Home, which ended as it had to, with everybody learning a valuable lesson about why being a jerk is a bad thing… a lesson completely undermined by the rest of these films, which – again – are based on the fundamental premise that reveling in meanness is both funny and appropriate for kids.

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