Dead Cells gets new distillery biome in free Barrels of Fun update

Just when you think developer Motion Twin must surely be slowing down work on its wonderful action-platform rogue-like Dead Cells, along comes another massive free post-launch update – the 20th, for those counting – to prove you wrong. And this time it’s the Barrels of Fun update, adding a new biome, new enemies, and more.

Dead Cells’ new biome arrives in the form of The Derelict Distillery, a barrel-and-bottle-strewn area that serves as an alternative path to High Peak Castle and is intended to “add more spice to the late-game”, according to Motion Twin in its Steam post.

A new biome, of course, means new enemies, and the Barrels of Fun update introduces two new foes unique to the distillery. There’s a mimic that hides among the area’s many barrels, for starters, who, while “not the toughest mob out there”, is armed with a “pretty devastating self-destruct which can catch you out if you’re not careful.”

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