Doom for Switch Review

There’s something very special about Doom’s kinetic run-and-gun style that works really well for quick pick-up-and-play gaming sessions. On Switch, it’s a technical achievement for portable console gaming and an outstanding game in its own right.

Doom’s concept may seem a little simple: you shoot, hack, and stomp interdimensional demons before they rip you apart. But it doesn’t take long to realize just how well thought-out the whole thing really is. With everything from its fast and intensely satisfying free-flowing combat, to its wide variety of interesting weapon loadouts, Doom understands how to make you feel powerful. I’m very pleased to say that same feeling translates very well over to Switch. It works great for quick pick-up-and-play gaming sessions, too. With brisk levels and a story you don’t need to pay attention to, but rewards you if you do, it’s the kind of game that allows you to just jump in and out whenever you’re in the mood for a demonic rampage.

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