Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Review

Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the episode.

The Saiyan battle continues this week as Caulifla and Kale continue to pressure Goku in the Tournament of Power. The battle between the 3 is quite the spectacle, but where Episode 114 excels is in it’s ability to make Caulifla and Kale convincing heroes that are worth rooting for even when fighting against Goku. For all its positives, a poor narrative choice does bring the ending down, even if it does mean interesting possibilities for the future.

Once again, Super does a great job with its fight sequences. The movements were fast and sharp, the ki blasts were unique and colorful, and, most of all, the action was easy to track. With so many bright colors and crazy attacks blasting off, it’s not uncommon for Dragon Ball to be overwhelming visually, but thanks to color-coded attacks for each character, Super made it simple to know who was doing what at all times.

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