Family is a warm way to remember the 80s indie music scene

I’m always a bit embarrassed when people start talking about their favourite bands because they passionately start wheeling out names like The Smiths and how they love that rare b-side they found in a charity shop while dressed in their favourite cardigan, and I’m like, yeah I liked that song by Puff Daddy when I was 14, and they look at me like I’ve just thrown up. I’m just not that musically cool. When people start talking indie, I shut up, which is why I thought a game celebrating the 80s British indie scene would be lost on me. But I was surprised.


I do very much like logic puzzles, you see, the ones where you fill in the blanks using a mind-squeezing process of elimination alongside the few clues you have. And that’s what you do here, in Family: you fill out the names of band members on a rock family tree using a variety of clues.

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