FIFA 21 plays a better game of football that will keep fans on-side for now

FIFA 21 has a lot of welcome changes when it comes to the actual gameplay, but after playing the game for a weekend, it’s hard to call this year’s entry a game changer.

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. FIFA 21 launches as the next generation of consoles arrives, and traditionally our industry’s great transition has always been low-key for FIFA. As the developers at EA Sports manage launching their great cash cow on new platforms for the first time, big-ticket new features are hard to come by. Instead we have hardcore-pleasing tweaks and a handful of cool new on-the-pitch features. You tend to get the truly eyebrow raising stuff once FIFA is bedded in to new consoles, not as it takes its first steps onto their virtual pitches.

So, what we have with FIFA 21 is a game that certainly plays better than its predecessor, but there’s no real wow factor. FIFA 21 plays like a game with all the right changes in all the right places, but it will do nothing to convince those who accuse the series of selling little more than roster updates dressed in full-price clothes each year.

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