Generations: Hulk #1 Review

Marvel’s Generations maxi-series is a project that aims to bridge the gap between Secret Empire and the Marvel Legacy relaunch. The general idea seems to be to pursue the “respect the past, embrace the future” mentality by having current incarnations of popular heroes cross paths with their older counterparts. Basically, it’s a foundation for a bunch of straightforward, entertaining crossovers between past and present. As long as you’re not expecting anything deeper or more meaningful than that, this opening Hulk chapter won’t disappoint.

Marvel has yet to explain the hows and whys of Generations, and this issue makes it pretty apparent that they aren’t going to. There’s no explanation for why Amadeus Cho finds himself suddenly thrust into the past to help a Silver Age-era Hulk defend himself from General Ross’ army. His confusion is meant to mirror the reader’s own. And the immediacy of his predicament quickly makes any questions about continuity quickly irrelevant.

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