Gotham: “A Day in the Narrows” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Heh. Hi, Headhunter.

Aaaand bye, Headhunter.

The GCPD were the absolute worst they’ve ever been this week on “A Day in the Narrows” while they openly beat citizens to a pulp looking for a witness to Pyg’s cop kidnappings. It was full-tilt lunacy from the worst police department on TV, on a show that’s now retro-acknowledged its flaws by openly owning the fact that its cops are so terrible.

I can’t really decide here if things, basically, needed to get this out of hand in order for real change to occur – since, by the end, the cops (we assume all of them) sided with Gordon over Penguin – but what I do know is you can’t get away with having stupid things happen on a show just because you have other characters talk about how stupid they are. Like the delivery guys who went into the precinct with 44 blood-soaked boxes of mystery meat. Having Jim call out how dumb they were doesn’t make up for…how dumb they were.

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