Gotham: “The Blade’s Path” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Bruce continued to pass Ra’s al Ghul’s tests this week, in “The Blade’s Path,” meaning that he also continued to fail at his own unspoken tests. By the end of the episode, Ra’s was no more (though he managed to pass some sort of glowing power along to Barbara) and Bruce was out of the hero business.

It was another nice set of consequences for young Master Wayne as he continued to lose his way on the path toward something, presumedly, greater. Right now the boy’s got a bit of a murder problem. He’s too keen on taking a life and, I suppose, allowing a life to be taken in order to protect the greater good. I do think, however, there was probably a more direct way for Ra’s to complete his quest to die at the hands of that dagger. It seemed overly complicated for him to be so vague about it all that Bruce would, at first, assume the knife shouldn’t fall into Ghul’s hands, and then figure out, on his own, that Ra’s had to die by the blade. This was a plan that could have gone wrong many times over.

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