Grindstone’s horrors are perfect for a daily challenge mode

This weekend I’ve been playing Grindstone, the wonderfully bloodthirsty puzzle game from Capy that just got an update on Apple Arcade. And the update is a doozy. A daily mode! Daily Grind! Four levels each day, slice your way through them and then compete on the leaderboards. It’s thrilling – a game that is perfect for the daily challenge now has one.

I’ve been wondering why a daily mode matters so much here, and I think it’s down to why Grindstone is not only a very compulsive puzzle game but a fiendish and sometimes devastating one.

Very basic gist: Grindstone is a colour matching game. You have a grid filled with different baddies of a handful of different colours, and you move around slicing them down as you go. You can only chain baddies of the same colour together, though, unless you pass through a jewel which allows you to switch – pink to yellow, say; green to blue.

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