It’s Always Sunny: “Hero or Hate Crime?” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Did that finally happen? Was it…? Did it…?

Did Mac come out and then stay out?

That was awesome. Needless to say, I’ll be hugely disappointed if things return to the old status quo next week and Mac goes back to denying all of this, but for right now – man, what a sweet moment. You don’t get to say this too often with Always Sunny, or at all really, but this episode delivered a really touching and powerful few seconds. There was even a bit of silence involved. A quiet surrounding his decision to come out and feel free. I loved it.

I won’t fully go into how this move was long overdue, but it’s safe to say that the running gag of everyone else in the Gang thinking Mac was gay — aided and egged on by all the farcical gay things Mac did and said — outstayed its welcome several seasons ago. There was simply nowhere new to take it. So for the final push over the edge, the last hurrah, they brought out the anal fisting bike (ahem, “Asspounder 4000”) and had Mac crazily explain his way around it. It was the final prop in this “bridge too far.” And with that final burst of absurdity, Mac came clean.

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