Jungle Review

Whatever appeal there may have been in trekking through the wilderness, chopping through foliage with a machete and inevitably wading through quicksand has, by now, been thoroughly dashed by movies like Jungle, which seem to have a grudge against survivalism. It’s all fun and games until something’s growing inside you and the fire ants attack.

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Yossi Ghinsberg, an Israeli tourist traveling through Bolivia in 1981, who comes across a charismatic adventurer named Karl (Thomas Kretschmann), who has a wild story about secret indigenous tribes and gold by pocketful, deep inside jungle. Naturally, only Karl knows where it is. And since Yossi apparently lost track of that nice businessman who offered to sell him the Brooklyn Bridge, he jumps into this opportunity with both feet, and convinces his new friends Kevin (Alex Russell) and Marcus (Joel Jackson) to join him.

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