Kidnap Review

Kidnap is being promoted as the Halle Berry-led version of Taken, and it’s not hard to see why. The two films do, after all, share the same basic premise of a parent refusing to give up in their pursuit of their stolen child and the monsters who kidnapped them in the first place. Unfortunately, Kidnap is unable to live up to the action-thriller legacy of that earlier film.

Kidnap’s marketing campaign hasn’t necessarily been subtle about its ambitions either by trying to align it with Taken as much as possible, highlighting some of Berry’s (very few) memorable one-liners in its trailers and focusing purely on the high-speed pursuit she engages in after her young son is taken from her. Thanks to the film’s rather tight 82-minute run time as well, the potential is there for Kidnap to be the lean mean action thriller that makes for a fun trip to the theater during this tail end period of the summer season.

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