Kingpin #1 Review

Everyone who’s anyone in the Daredevil franchise is getting a solo comic these days, and perhaps no character is more deserving of the spotlight than Wilson Fisk. The former Kingpin of Crime is once again trying to claw his way back to the top of Marvel’s criminal underworld. That’s not exactly a new predicament for Mr. Fisk, and if his quest to rebuild his criminal empire were the main thrust of the book, it might not have much to offer readers. Fortunately, there’s more to the equation than that.

Kingpin #1 immediately shows that while this is a comic about the Kingpin, Fisk himself isn’t necessarily the main protagonist. That honor instead falls to Sarah Dewey, a down-on-her luck reporter who’s approached to pen Fisk’s authorized biography. That invites all sorts of questions about Fisk’s true motives and whether Dewey can associate with a known crime lord without sacrificing her already tarnished soul in the process. Thus begins an intriguing dynamic as the two characters slowly warm to each other and Fisk begins opening up on his troubled background.

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