Marvel’s The Punisher: “Memento Mori” Review

Full Spoilers Following for Marvel’s The Punisher: “Memento Mori.” Make sure to keep up with all of our Marvel’s The Punisher binge here.

Marvel’s The Punisher ends on a quiet note for Frank Castle. Without a war to fight, the troubled soldier must find a new way to exist in a society that still fears him. “Memento Mori” does everything a good finale should do, but not in the moments of over-the-top action and violence. Instead, the episode is at its best when dealing with the aftermath of this bloody season.

There’s a price to pay for Frank’s vengeful rampage across New York City. Having consequences is a necessity in order to tell an effective story centered around Frank Castle. If he just killed hundreds of people and felt no remorse or sorrow, then this would be a less effective series.

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