Marvel’s The Punisher: “The Judas Goat” Review

Full spoilers follow for Marvel’s The Punisher’s sixth episode, “The Judas Goat.” Make sure to keep up with our full season binge.

The Judas Goat” is an intricately-layered hour of television that sets up a new arc for this season that will inevitably carry us through until the finale.

There are so many great moments to discuss, but the ending seems like a good place to start. Billy Russo’s reveal is an excellent example of how to effectively develop a villain, much of which has to do with Ben Barnes skill as an actor. For most of the episode, you can see the sadness in his eyes, as he learns more about the possibility of Frank being alive. There are a few ways to look at this: either Billy is just a really good liar (like Madani suggests), or he’s genuinely concerned about Frank.

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