Marvel’s The Punisher: “Two Dead Men” Review

Full spoilers follow for Marvel’s The Punisher: “Two Dead Men.” Make sure to keep up with our full season binge.

“Two Dead Men” is all about making introductions, with some ending more violently than others. This was an excellent opportunity for writer/creator Steven Lightfoot to prove just how good his squad is. Fortunately for us, his players are well skilled and ready to play.

Let’s go straight to the end, where David Lieberman (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and Frank finally meet face-to-face. Micro (or Microchip) is one of the oldest characters from The Punisher comic book series. Most of his time spent with Castle over the years has been in the form of an ally; however, in more recent publications, like 2010’s Punisher: In the Blood, Micro has become an adversary. From their first official meeting, I’d say their relationship is off to a rocky start, but if what Lieberman says about them needing each other is true, then this could be a fun friendship to watch.

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