A New Forge Creation for Halo 5 Has Got Our Attention

Halo 5



When 343 Industries released the highly anticipated Mode-making/Forge Maps for Halo 5, the Xbox community started creating awesome new content. We found one called the “Mitake Machine” which is beyond amazing. It was created by TOKETAKE, an Xbox live user.


It was designed to be a massive battle with a boss. One player controls the Mitake Machine as a team of Spartans uses rocket launchers to try to bring the boss down. The Mitake Machine is based on Master Chief’s helmets and has two scary looking arms with balls that will kill anything in its path attached to them. The player that controls the Mitake Machine can make it go backwards or forwards or swing the deadly “balled” arms. You can see the Mitake Machine in action in the video below.


If the team of Spartans and the Mitake Machine can destroy the four outer power cores, the visor will raise, revealing the final power core. If the team can destroy the final power core, the machine operator will drop into the open battlefield where you can turn them into chopped liver.


The video shows some faults with the Mitake Machine such as bad frame rate and video lag, which can be a problem in destroyed the inner core.


However, even with these slight faults the creation has been brought to the attention of Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, who recently tweeted, “What people do in Forge is incredible.”


343 Industries are not only responsible for the Halo Forge Maps, but also Star Wars pod racing and an incredible avalanche mini game, and many other past and future projects that are exciting to look at.


Josh Holmes, the studio head for 343 Industries says he is always surprised and impressed with that the studio produces. He said, “It has been amazing to see the creativity of the Halo community unleashed with the new Forge toolset in Halo 5: Guardians. We have an ongoing email thread going here in the studio where people share new discoveries every week and it never fails to amaze us what people have managed to build.”


I haven’t got a chance to try out the Mitake Machine or any of the other amazing Forge creations I’ve seen and read about, so I can’t give a personal review at this time. Let’s just say my weekends will be completely booked as I explore this new game feature. If my girlfriend doesn’t break up with me based on that I spend too much time gaming, then you can expect a review of the Mitake Machine as well as other Forge creations.