Monster Hunter World: Iceborne revisiting its three big limited-time events this month

Monster Hunter World’s superb Iceborne expansion is poised to mark its first birthday in September, and Capcom is celebrating the occasion by offering a chance to revisit its three previous limited-time seasonal events – ideal for newcomers and anyone that didn’t manage to hoover up all the related rewards first time around.

Starting on August 21st, Iceborne players have a second chance to celebrate Monster Hunter World’s Holiday Joy Fest. By completing its various limited-time quests, hunters can unlock the likes of the Oolong armour set, Lucky Crimson Tiger Pendant, and Shishi-mai Palico gear.

There’s also the Mad Scavenger Pickaxe (actually a Long Sword), the Duffel Penguin Mask, and a giant flappy scarf known as the Sealed Dragon Cloth. Briskness is required, however, as the event will only be sticking around for about a week, wrapping up on 3rd September.

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