My Hero Academia Episode 22 Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

All throughout Season 2, My Hero Academia has done an excellent job of delivering a seamless blend of action and character development. “Bakugo vs. Uraraka” is no different, serving up a thrilling battle that provides new insight into Bakugo and establishes Uraraka as a strong character who will fight tooth and nail to achieve her dreams.

Despite what others seem to think, Bakugo isn’t an evil, bloodthirsty villain. While he uses extreme words like “die,” it’s clear that deep down his ruthless, competitive spirit stems entirely from his desire to be number one. This is made perfectly evident in his battle with Uraraka. Instead of writing her off as an easy win, he sees Uraraka as a formidable opponent who shouldn’t be underestimated. I really appreciate how Bakugo’s attitude in this battle reinforces the fact thatUraraka isn’t just some frail girl he should go easy on, despite the booing audience who clearly believes otherwise.

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