My Hero Academia Episode 30 Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

My Hero Academia has been moving along at a remarkably swift pace the past couple of weeks, and “Climax” continues that momentum, delivering a thrilling conclusion to Iida’s ill-conceived quest for vengeance against Hero Killer: Stain.

Once again, Bones must be praised for its incredible animation work, which shines in each character’s facial expressions, adding an emotional weight to the stellar writing. The music that accompanies these sequences only heightens the emotional impact, mirroring Iida’s internal triumph. A somber piano score plays while Iida lies paralyzed on the ground, and when he finally rises to his feet and comes to Todoroki’s aid, the music switches to a rousing beat of drums and brass. The sound then builds to the climactic moment when Deku regains control of his body to join Iida in simultaneously delivering a crushing blow to Stain, which resonated so profoundly on an audio/visual and emotional level.

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