My Hero Academia Episode 34 Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Despite being heavy on setup and containing one too many tasteless Mineta jokes,”Gear up for Final Exams” remains engaging throughout by shining the spotlight on a few underrepresented characters while providing a deeper look into academic life at U.A. High.

My Hero Academia often revolves around high stakes action, so I appreciated the time spent in the classroom, reminding us that Deku and friends are students who have to hit the books every now and then. The visual designation of how each student performed on the midterms was a nice touch, providing additional insight into the mental aptitude of each student. With Yaoyorozu being at the top of the class, I was pleased to see”Gear up for Final Exams” give her an opportunity to shine. Her enthusiasm to help her struggling classmates study for the final written exam was so endearing, and the trip to her house did an excellent job at conveying how different a life she leads than the rest of her peers.

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