Red Dead Online gets legendary animals and naturalist role

Looks like you can take your clown makeup off – for now – as Red Dead Online has finally released a significant update, one that introduces legendary animals, a new naturalist role, and a fresh Outlaw Pass.

As detailed in the extensive patch notes, the biggest addition provided by the update is the new naturalist specialist role, which opens a path around “tracking, studying and hunting animals”. The role introduces two new free roam events, two naturalist role-related stores, a wilderness camp that lets players create a temporary campfire, a Gypsy Cob horse breed and various new clothing items.

Like the other frontier pursuits, you’ll need to splash a bit of Red Dead Online’s premium currency, Gold Bars, in order to buy the item required to unlock it. In the case of the naturalist role this will set you back 25 Gold Bars (the same as the moonshiner role added in a previous update). If the hippie life appeals to you, visit the Welcome Center in Strawberry and talk to Harriet Davenport to get started.

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