Roman J. Israel, Esq. Review

“Each one of us is greater than the worst thing we’ve ever done” is the sort of line that reads great on paper, and sounds even better coming from Denzel Washington, but demands a heck of a lot of scrutiny. And a heck of a lot of scrutiny it gets in Dan Gilroy’s anxious and captivating new legal drama Roman J. Israel, Esq., one of the richest examinations of catastrophic ethical collapse you’re likely to see.

Denzel Washington stars as Roman J. Israel, Esq., who has spent decades of his life in a small room at a law firm, doing complex paperwork while his partner makes all the appearances in court and – as Roman J. Israel, Esq. learns too late, after his partner has a heart attack – all of the difficult decisions. Roman J. Israel, Esq. is suddenly thrust into the real world of criminal law, where principles are considered a luxury and practicality reigns supreme, and where there’s no place for an introvert who refuses to compromise his integrity.

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