Sekiro’s getting a free update with outfits, remnants and gauntlets

Well here’s something of a surprise – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is getting a free update, adding several new features and even some new clothes for Wolf. Probably about time he changed out of those robes.

Announced via the official Sekiro website, the new update arrives on 29th October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and brings a couple of intriguing new features. The first are “Reflections of Strength”, which allow players to rematch previously defeated bosses in single and consecutive battles (accessed via any sculptor’s idol). According to the Activision blog, reflections are a good way to practice for Gauntlets of Strength, which are “single-life challenges that will truly test only the bravest warriors”, in which dying once will send Wolf straight back to the beginning of the gauntlet. Good, I was thinking Sekiro was a bit easy.

If you want to be a true exhibitionist, the new Remnants feature will help you there, as players will be able to take 30-second recordings and upload them (with an optional written message) to help guide others. Community members can watch and rate these recordings, and if the feedback is positive, the recording creator will have their “HP recover for free”.

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