Someone should make a game about: Muscle Men

Does anyone here remember Muscle Men? Not actual muscle men, they’re still a thing, but those little pink rubber figures from the 80s that were about two inches tall. Remember them? I can still smell them, that rubbery waft, and I can still almost feel them, that slight give in an otherwise solid rubber skin.

I distinctly remember the moment they turned up in my life. I was in my pyjamas at the top of the stairs, watching people come into the house for a party. I had to go to bed and was throwing a bit of a wobbler about it. I was a child just in case that isn’t clear. I might still be in my pyjamas now but I can go to bed when I like!

Anyway, one of the people coming into the house doesn’t disappear below but comes upstairs bearing gifts. I honestly can’t remember who they were but I remember what they brought: a strange tiny dustbin with see-through sides containing a load of little rubber men. Muscle Men, the label says.

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