Superhot VR Review

Countless games try to make you feel like a John Wick-style action hero, a whirlwind of bullets and fists against a horde of thugs that would quickly overwhelm a mere mortal. Superhot VR is one of a very few to pull it off in a believable way. By slowing time in the world around you until you move or shoot, it creates an awesome illusion that you’re thinking and reacting at superhuman speeds.

Over a few short hours, Superhot VR’s campaign puts you through a rapid-fire sequence of quick battles where you stand more or less in one spot as bright-red enemies charge you with guns, knives, and fists. If time were moving normally you wouldn’t stand a chance they come at you from every direction, moving quickly. Even though they stand out clearly against the stark-white, untextured backgrounds, it only takes one hit to kill you, and you’d have to be an actual action hero to avoid them. But as long as you hold still, you have all the time in the world to decide how to handle the situation. It’s not until you move raising an arm to aim, ducking your head, picking up an object, or firing a gun that they spring into full-speed motion. That feeling of control is empowering.

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