The Snowman Review

The Norwegian detective Harry Hole (alright, alright, get that out of your system) is one of the most popular crimefighters in the modern era of mystery novels. But you wouldn’t know it by watching his first feature film. Tomas Alfredson’s adaptation of the serial killer thriller The Snowman is a generic detective story that can’t even stand out against its own icy backdrops.

Michael Fassbender plays Harry Hole, a struggling alcoholic and famous Oslo detective with a supportive ex-girlfriend, Rakel (Charlotte Gainsbourg), her teenaged son Oleg (Michael Yates), and nothing else in his life. When a new investigator at the precinct, Katrine (Rebecca Ferguson), tells Harry that a series of disappearances may be connected, and might even be the work of a serial killer, Harry dives in. And when disembodied heads start popping up on the top of snowmen, he realizes he’s in deeper than he thought.

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