The Tick: Season 1 Review

This is a non-spoilery review for all 6 new episodes of The Tick (more episodes will come early 2018), released on Friday, August 25th on Amazon.

You can also read our review of the pilot episode, which Amazon released last summer, and thereview ofEpisode 2, “Where’s My Mind?,” which screened at San Diego Comic-Con this past July.


Okay, so – *slight spoiler* – no one actually triumphantly bellows “SPOOOOOON!” on Amazon’s new live-action Tick series — from Tick creatorBen Edlund (Angel, Supernatural, Gotham) — but Peter Serafinowicz’s terrific take on everyone’s favorite blue justice-obsessed golden retriever-of-a-superhero is a delight, with plenty of corny bombast and mixed metaphors to spread around in the name of destiny.

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