The Touryst arrives on Xbox One and PC – and it’s an excellent port

Back in December 2019, Shin’en Multimedia wowed us with a unique Switch exclusive: The Touryst. Defined by a stunning voxelised engine with a beautiful post-process pipeline, The Touryst looked like nothing we’d really seen before and now it is available to play on Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC, arriving day one on Game Pass. I highly recommend that you check it out.

The idea behind The Touryst is extremely straightforward – it’s an exploration-based adventure that has you travelling between various islands, solving mysteries that lie beneath the surface. What’s wonderful about the game is the sense of discovery and exploration. At no point does The Touryst tell you what to do, or bring up a large pointer ordering you where to go. With that in mind, figuring out what the game expects from you is half the fun.

And it’s all delivered with that remarkable engine. Yes, the aesthetic is ‘voxelised’ but everything is still built from triangles, though the game worlds themselves are built using a tool known as MagicaVoxel. This makes it very easy to craft environments, which are then given a visual boost via Maya and injected into the game. A voxel-like aesthetic typically brings Minecraft to mind, and while The Touryst has a similar simplicity, the islands can be rich and dense in detail. The deferred lighting system is simply sublime with a wonderful dynamic range.

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