Thelma Review

Move over Carrie! Step aside Matilda! There’s a new film about a young lady coping with oppression and repression through the use of psychic powers. Her name is Thelma and she’s more powerful than both of you put together. It’s just too bad her movie isn’t as good.

Eili Harboe stars as Thelma, a young Christian girl attending college, away from her family for the very first time. She’s all alone, and she can’t stop staring at the people around her, wondering why they have friends and she doesn’t. Then she sees Anja (Okay Kaya) for the very first time. Then a bird flies into the window. Then Thelma has an uncontrollable seizure.

Thelma, the character, has desires, but her Christian upbringing won’t allow her to indulge them. She wants to drink and smoke pot, but she can’t. She wants to have a love affair with Anja, but she can’t reconcile those desires with her upbringing. It could be the start of a solid, albeit familiar fantasy/horror parable about oppression if Thelma, the movie, went any deeper than that.

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