Venomverse #1 Review

One of the fundamental problems with the direction of Marvel Comics these days is the fact that so many of the company’s decisions seem to boil down to “This thing worked, so let’s do several more variations of it.” That certainly seems to be the case for Venomverse, a symbiote-flavored rehash of 2014’s Spider-Verse crossover. It features a similar multiverse-spanning cast, but little of the whimsical sense of fun and none of the dramatic weight of Spider-Verse. Like the prequel miniseries Edge of Venomverse before it, this issue does nothing to get the reader invested in this massive team-up.

This issue begins the core Venomverse conflict, with Eddie Brock being dragged into an alternate universe where his fellow Venoms are making a desperate stand against a powerful a seemingly unstoppable foe. Sound familiar? The basics trappings are very similar to those of Spider-Verse. The fun and adventure, however, are sorely lacking. The enemy introduced in this issue is faceless and generic – basically a mash-up of Anti-Venom and the Marvel Zombies. Venomverse doesn’t have the benefit of building on past conflicts as Spider-Verse did with its use of Morlun and the Inheritors. We have no reason to care about this enemy coming into Venomverse, and this issue does nothing to rectify that problem.

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