We should talk about Pokémon Go’s loot boxes

UPDATE 13/8/20: Detailed player research for Pokémon Go’s most recent Dragon Week event is now available, and it backs up fan collective Silph Road’s early findings which Eurogamer previously reported on below. As expected, the event’s most sought-after Pokémon, Deino, seems to have been extremely hard to find until an unannounced mid-week change in the game’s odds made it slightly less rare.

“Deino’s hatch rate was likely less than one per cent for the first three days of the event, but after the change researchers recorded a hatch rate above three per cent,” Silph Road wrote.

Over on reddit, the game’s community is organising a large-scale effort to contact developer Niantic and request it disclose loot box odds to make the game’s monetisation more transparent. We’ll be keeping an eye on how things go.

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