Wheelman Review

Wheelman premieres exclusively on Netflix on October 20.

Frank Grillo gets behind the wheel of a car, and for most of Jeremy Rush’s Wheelman, he never leaves. But this isn’t another low budget, one-location character study like Steven Knight’s Locke. Wheelman is Locke with a Glock, a high-concept car chase action-thriller that takes place mostly inside of a getaway car, for better and sometimes worse.

The driver, known only as Wheelman (Grillo), is working a run-of-the-mill bank job when, right after his passengers start pulling the heist, he gets a mysterious phone call, ordering him to steal the money. The thieves are going to kill him, or so he’s been told, so he waits until the cash is in the trunk and then he takes off, no longer knowing who to trust.

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