80 Days dev’s King-Arthur-inspired narrative strategy adventure Pendragon out this month

Pendragon, the Arthurian-legend-inspired narrative strategy game from 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault developer Inkle Studios, is coming to PC on 22nd September.

Inkle’s latest endeavour transports player back to the year AD 673, with Camelot on the brink of destruction. Sir Modred’s deceit has left the fellowship of the Round Table in disarray, leaving players with the task of traversing the treacherous Britain of the Dark Ages in order to assemble a ragtag band of knights, heroes, and peasants to aid King Arthur in battle.

Pendragon is something of a departure for the ever-reliable Inkle, whose previous output has largely remained laser-focussed on whipping up a wondrously compelling yarn. While the studio’s latest does promise a story-rich adventure, full of “love, suspicion, revenge, sacrifice and murder”, its narrative elements are this time intertwined with a “deeply strategic” turn-based combat system, pitting players against the likes of bandits, brutish knights, and deadly creatures as their adventure unfolds.

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