After a Crusader Kings player’s brother passed away, the community immortalised him with a mod

The launch of Crusader Kings 3 earlier this month was an exciting moment for many, promising hours of intrigue, backstabbing and battles – but for one fan of the series, the moment brought mixed emotions.

“Feeling very bittersweet about tonight and the release of Crusader Kings 3,” a user called Mr_Minot posted on the Crusader Kings subreddit. “The last conversation I had with my little brother consisted of him begging me to start a new game of Crusader Kings 2 with him.”

The post, made by Atlanta resident and mental health therapist Grant Sparks, explained that Grant’s brother Lucas had also been a huge fan of the series, and the two brothers had put thousands of hours into Crusader Kings 2 together. Grant provided the war chest, Lucas carried out the campaigns, and together they conquered vast swathes of the world – with neither ever betraying the other. But, tragically, it all came to an end far too soon.

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